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Why Horror Movies Are The Bomb

I watch a lot of movies, I eat them up and have done so forever. All kinds.

But from a very young age — and due to an irresponsible father — I watched an obscene amount of horrors. I knew Freddy and Jason pretty well by the time I started comprehensive school and I saw The Fly for the first time, alone when my Dad was sleeping in the room next door.

I was 8 or 9 and I loved it. Not only was I not supposed to watch them, but telling your friends that you saw an 18 last weekend got you instant cred. Kids could be cool in all other ways but if you had seen The Lost Boys and could share the scenes with only a handful of other kids, then that was special.

They still take me back to that place of happy memories and no responsibility. New worlds to disappear yourself, hidden places to glimpse things you only partially believed existed, somewhere deep in the collective unconscious.

Sex, death, and terror. You may say I was far too young to watch movies like that, but I think not.

When you’re a young kid, and your parents are divorcing, sometimes imagining how bad things could be will let you handle how they are.



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