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Was Will Smith Right To Slap Chris Rock?

If you haven't heard, last night’s Oscars were high drama. Will Smith, the deserved winner — and about time too — of Best Actor had a scuffle with the host Chris Rock. Chris was flaming everyone as he does and Will’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith found herself at the butt end of a joke that visibly upset her and enraged her husband. It angered him enough to get up on stage and slap Chris. Sitting back down he told him to take his wife’s name out of his fckng mouth. The papers are ablaze with condemnation. Headlines such as ‘Oscar’s Shame’ and ‘Embarrassment from start to finish’ dominated the news cycle today. Whilst of course violence is never the answer and I don’t condone what he did, I understand it. The joke was cruel and it clearly upset her. If that was my sister or my mother I think I would react the way he did. I may feel bad about it later but when someone you love is shamed or upset you don’t think you act. Will Smith is a good guy, I don’t think he has ruined his Oscar win by what he did, I think it’s actually shown his human side. It makes him more of a person less of a celebrity. I don’t think he handled it the best way he could but he protected his wife’s honour and I can only respect that. What do you think?



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