Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash

To Chronic Procrastinators, You’re Not Lazy!

Tom C


How much of your life is under control? Or better, what do you put off that would change your life but you don’t ever do it?

Maybe it’s writing that book. Cleaning your room. Blogging.

To varying degrees, we all have parts of our lives under control, but some of us are stuck, constantly putting off essential tasks.

This is a deeply painful way to live and it gets heavier and heavier. Every day.

Here’s the equation: Important task triggers pain response, putting off task alleviates pain, the pain of not doing the task becomes more manageable. Repetition leads to low self-worth.

You’re not lazy, but you’re less able to deal with difficult emotions. Your emotional regulation tactic is to avoid the pain. Hence you procrastinate.

This cycle can ruin lives, but you can overcome it. Life will look different when you do.