Crush Procrastination To Dust You Will

Own your shit from today onwards. No excuses now.

Tom C
3 min readSep 7, 2021


Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash

Procrastination. The act of putting of that which you need to do, knowing full well the consequences of not doing it.

This about sums it up.

For some people, procrastination is the great opponent. It is mine. It is the one thing that holds me back. Above all else.

Where it comes from and why we do it I do not know. Some say its neurological, some say it’s your diet and others say it’s habitual.

I would say it is probably a combination of factors. What is important it that it exists. It is a thing and it can be beaten.

This is a low down dirty trick for your arsenal.

Here we go….

Break the task down to its smallest component and start by doing that thing.

If you have a whole apartment to tidy. Just put away one thing and then decide to carry on or not.

If you have a whole house full of windows to clean just clean one pane and then decide whether or not you want to continue.

Whatever it is, you can break it down to it’s smallest or a small component.

Starting an essay hard? Just write one line. Or just write for 3 minutes on a timer. Then you can decide to finish or not.

You see it is often the size of a task that overwhelms us. We get a barrage of negative feelings that overwhelm us when we think about what we have to do. So we naturally escape these feelings by putting it off and doing something else.

You know like reading the news, checking your dating profile or scrolling Instagram.

Just start..

How many times have you just started something and you’ve been fine?

I would wager that it is most times.

If you give yourself a genuine out after doing the smallest thing you can do you may choose it. You probably won’t but you can. This is crucial to the process. You must give yourself the option to stop if you want to.

The real power procrastination has over you is by stopping you from starting. This is 90% of its bite. If you…