Self Acceptance Vs Self Improvement

What is better?

Tom C


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

We live in a society driven by visible results. Results seem to be our chief value and aim. Seems so.

How much we are making. How many trips we are taking. How much your body fat ratio is. How much your internet business is turning over. How many likes you got on your story.

The pressure to be our best selves is intense. We can see better versions of us everywhere. Better bodies. Better bank balances. Better friends. Better life. Etc etc etc. Everywhere you look there is better.

How does this make us feel? It makes us feel less than. It makes us idealise a self that we ought to be. We punish ourselves for not living up to that ideal.

We starve outselves. We train, we lift, we spin, we run, but we can never live up to it. There is always something better. This sounds vacant and shallow but many intelligent people with depth are caught up in this. We all are to some degree. It’s a part of who we are. It is our aspirational drive. Anxiety driven behaviours that move production forward.

I ate mostly protein and vegetables for a month. For my holiday. I looked leaner when I came. I ate a lot of crap and now I feel I must loose more weight. I have a body image problem and no matter how I look, no matter how visible my abs are it is not…