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One Thing You Need to do to Make $1000 a Month On Medium

Tom C


Trust me when I tell you this little secret.

Even when I tell you I’ve only earned $998 on my best month here and most months it’s between $300-$600 pending on how much I can be bothered.

The truth is I only earn that much because I’m lazy. If I worked harder on this site I would earn more. At least triple.

In a month I write mostly 150-word — ten minutes to write — short-form posts like this one, and a couple of kick-ass posts that earn me the bulk of my takings on here.

But I haven’t told you what it is yet; the one thing you need to do is:

Relax and let it happen.

Sounds simple. It’s not. Your stressing kills your vibe.

That facilitates your exit.

Keep writing. Don’t stress.