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Middle Age Reinvention & Building A Great Life

Tom C
2 min readSep 19, 2022

Have you just hit your 40s and you’re wondering what the hell you’ve done with your life?

Have nothing to show for 18 years or so in the workplace?

Believe me, you’re not alone. I’m there too and so are millions of others. Life just went by and here we are.

But don’t fret, this is the best time to be alive. The age of abundance and opportunity is here. Naysayers be dammed.

Never before has the World proffered new combinations of where and how to live as it has now. With a little hard work over a few years, you can build an internet business. Then you can rearrange your whole life to live and work wherever you want.

Living in Bali running a $10,000 a month internet business? Doable

Spending time travelling Latin America whilst updating your faceless YouTube channel and sending tasks to your remote team? Doable

You can get yourself to this situation with a couple of years of real work and solid execution.

Life is too short, far too short to spend on things that you don’t want to do or living with people that don’t make you happy.

If you’re stuck in a sexless marriage, paying a mortgage you resent and working a job you can’t stand then you need an exit plan. You deserve it.

All you need is a plan to get excited about, a vision to believe in and you can make it happen.

Thousands of people are doing this every day and you can and should be one of them.

The internet doesn’t care if:

  • You’ve been bankrupt
  • You’re old
  • You’re picking up the pieces after a messy divorce
  • You’ve been sued
  • You have a criminal record and you’re rebuilding your life
  • You used to be an accountant but reinvented yourself as a sex guru

What matters is that you start to make or find stuff that people want. Which with practice you can do.

Then you get paid and then you get to live where you want to. In a new climate, with Vitamin D and new faces.

It’s all in your hands. Make it happen.

Tom C