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Living Life On Its Terms

One of the other life lessons that I knew in theory but couldn’t appreciate until I got it.

We can get shitty hands. We can get fired, dumped, cheated on or debilitatingly sick.

Life doesn’t care.

Bad stuff happens to good people and some terrible people go through life without a scratch or major disappointment.

The deal is, that life will hand you your lot and the bulk of it is beyond your control.

You can reject this if you want but it won’t stop it from happening. You can kick and scream and lament. You can buy amulets and talismans and pay tithes.

But life will do what life does.

This can be either liberating or terrifying.

The best option is to gracefully accept all that happens to you.

This doesn’t mean life will be better, but it is living in harmony with it.



On the journey

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