If You Quit You Die — Thousands Of Times

When you want to quit is the point before real change

Tom C


Photo by John Fowler on Unsplash

There is that moment when you want to stop. That point where you can’t even remember why you started and your motivation is at an all time low.

That is the exact moment that precedes the next level. This is when you know you are on the right track.

You see there is a part of you that does not want to change. In fact there are many aspects of your self, sub personalities if you will, that really really don’t want you to do things differently. They want you to be doing what you have always done so that you stay safe and avoid unnecessary risks. This is their job and this is what you are up against.

It takes courage to grow. To face rejection and ridicule and for the world to show you truths that you may be avoiding.

Perhaps you aren’t as intelligent as you would like to think. Or as good looking or interesting as you would like to be. Maybe you have created a whole illusion that expertly avoids all of the things that would devastate you if confirmed.

The point is that there are many things working against you if you want to change. If you want to level up your life there will be resistance. Internal and external and the only things you can do are to retreat back to safety or move on to change.

Change is the hardest thing because so many forces do not want you to. Your own internal narrative will throw up a thousand reasons for you to quit. Even well meaning families and friends have put to bed many a potential life changing adventure because someone opened their mouths before they even started.

The antidote is keep going in spite of the resistance. It is like walking through a tunnel with a baying crowd above you yelling at you to stop. Throwing tomatoes and rotten cabbage and screaming at the top of their lungs. They cannot reach you to stop you. All they can do is shout. Only you decide if you stop or not. Only you decide if you choose to listen. You can choose not to.

I am writing this article at midnight on a Saturday night. I feel less than today. Slightly dejected. I feel my writing is getting worse and that I have nothing interesting to say. I am challenging myself to write and publish everyday and tonight I feel like stopping. After 100 or so days I feel like there is no point continuing, that this isn’t going anywhere. This is that voice. It wants me back and it is baiting me, stalking me, trying to get one night where I do not write. So I loose the streak and don’t bother to write tomorrow either.

I haven’t listened today. Just for today I have written when it was the last thing I wanted to do and my negative self beliefs were telling me believable stories.

When you want to quit don’t. Tell yourself one more day. Say the same thing tomorrow. The voices will come and go. You will be moving forward.