How To Get Hooked On Writing

And its dark side..beware.

Tom C
3 min readSep 14, 2021


Photo by Toni Koraza on Unsplash

Medium is a funny place. It’s a meta-verse brimming with all sorts of creatures. Great writers, critics and trolls. Lots of trolls.

You will find the most supportive fans you ever had and the most cynical of critics.

Try writing an article that hits 500 claps and see how many bad comments you get. To be fair, they do get easier. In fact critics are good for us. They harden us and develop our resolve to go further in the face of their flak. In spite of it.

I came on here a few months ago with high hopes and big ambitions. I was going to speak my truth and sway thousands with my soothing raw and vulnerable prose. I thought my writing would be so good I would be swimming in fans and hits by day 90. (I made a deal with myself to publish 90 articles in 90 days)

It has not worked out like that. Not at all. All I have realised is that I am a mediocre writer with a penchant for generic posts. Regular generic posts.

This is why my challenge has become a curse. I have built a habit around writing stuff that isn’t interesting or new. Putting my heart and soul into an article. Discussing personal trauma. Talking about struggle and overcoming. It’s not different to anyone else on here. There is nothing special in that.

Just like there is nothing special about belching that shit out in reality. No one really cares. Talking about it isn’t really brave. It’s just boring. You just come off as whiny and self indulgent.

All I have after 90 days plus of writing is a nagging feeling that I need to write something today or I will miss my streak. I am now in the position where it is harder not to write than it is to write and the writing I do is pretty crappy.

Fucked if I do and fucked if I don’t.

Does this kind of bind sound familiar? It does to me. It’s a regular fucking occurrence in my world.

Anyhow if you are at this point yourself it is a good thing. You have no excuses left. You can go two ways. You can stop. With respect. You wrote a shit load of content, got some claps, made some fans and did what you said you would do. Onto to the next project. Head held high.



Tom C