Hi Egis,

Thanks for the feedback. I disagree. It is a 30 day challenge to build momentum, confidence and shed some pounds. A 30 DAY CHALLENGE. It is not a FOREVER TASK, nor a medium or long term ‘training program’

Perhaps this was lost on you at the beginning of the article somehow.

  1. Everyone can cut out flour and sugar for 30 days. It is not rocket science nor is it an impossible feat. Well maybe for you.

This is a perfect plan for someone who wants to get going and do something. Someone with little to no experience who wants to feel good about themselves and wants to begin to develop a habit. Someone who is tired of listening to mediocre PT’s tell them they should do this or that. This is a granular, ultra basic 30 days challenge which touches upon the essential three foundations of health. Diet-Movement-Hydration. All underpinned by consistency.

To your health.



On the journey

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