Tom C
2 min readAug 26, 2021


Hi Egis,

Thanks for the feedback. I disagree. It is a 30 day challenge to build momentum, confidence and shed some pounds. A 30 DAY CHALLENGE. It is not a FOREVER TASK, nor a medium or long term ‘training program’

Perhaps this was lost on you at the beginning of the article somehow.

  1. Everyone can cut out flour and sugar for 30 days. It is not rocket science nor is it an impossible feat. Well maybe for you.
  2. Yes they can do something active every day for 30 days for at least one hour. Even if that is just a walk. I have been very clear on this. I have been doing this regularly for 40–100 day stretches with no problem. I walked/ran/jogged the perimeter of Hyde Park in London where I live for 100 days straight during lockdown. It is 6k. Some days when my calves were tired I would walk. (This is called active recovery) Somedays I would go for speed. Some days an easy slow jog but I showed up every day. I did not miss one. Maybe you’ve never pushed yourself that consistently. That’s fine, no judgement.
  3. A mimunum of two litres a day to flush toxins and let go of water weight is essential. If you live in Bali you are obviously going to drink more than that. If you are active a minimum of 2 litres is about right.

This is a perfect plan for someone who wants to get going and do something. Someone with little to no experience who wants to feel good about themselves and wants to begin to develop a habit. Someone who is tired of listening to mediocre PT’s tell them they should do this or that. This is a granular, ultra basic 30 days challenge which touches upon the essential three foundations of health. Diet-Movement-Hydration. All underpinned by consistency.

To your health.