Photo by Inspired Horizons Digital Marketing on Unsplash

Build A Monster Back And See Your Biceps Pop With This One Exercise

Do you want to develop your body like a warrior and add pounds of muscle onto your back and biceps? Do you want to do one thing that builds your stomach so you don’t have to do crunches?

If so then incorporate weighted chins into your weekly workout. Preferably twice a week and as heavy as you can go.

I cannot stress the benefits of this exercise enough. Pound for pound it has given me more gains than anything else I have ever done, barring perhaps deadlifts. This is the upper body version of the deadlift.

We have two months until July. Two months to get into the best shape of your life.

If you really, want to make a miracle happen in two months you can.

Get your food right and start progressing your weighted chins.



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